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TRUDIE DUXBURY - Wartime Movie Making in Victoria

TIMEFRAME ~ Summer, 1942
LOCATION ~ Victoria, BC, Canada
DURATION ~ 9:58 minutes

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Wartime movie set in Victoria BC
Halls Boathouse acts as a wartime movie set
for "Commandos Strike at Dawn" in 1942, Victoria BC Canada

When Trudie (McGill) Duxbury was a girl growing up in Victoria BC, Hollywood came to Victoria to take advantage of the wonderful scenery and the reasonable rates to film the wartime movie "Commandos Strike at Dawn" in the summer of 1942.  Halls Boathouse Marina just north of Goldstream on Finlayson Arm was chosen to be the site of an old Norwegian fishing Village.  Lacking an appropriate beach for the landing craft, the McGill family was asked if the beach in front of their summer rental cabin could be used.  In return, Trudie and her mother and 2 sisters were hired as extras for some of the outdoor scenes.

In this entertaining audio clip, Trudie talks about some of the movie stars and staff she met, and what a wonderful experience it was to be part of this movie-making adventure - her summertime holiday surprise!

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