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This page offers you access via links to our VGS online data indexes,
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Online Databases by Library Subscriptions

NEW - FindMyPast is now on trial for a one year term until November 2018,
when the VGS Executive will assess feedback and its usage by our members.


Your active VGS membership now includes access to 2 of the most popular online genealogy databases:


These database can only be accessed using our VGS subscription while visiting our VGS Learning Centre.  If there is a lineup for our 2 available computers, access is limited to 1 hour per person.  If you bring your own laptop or tablet, you can access both databases via our wifi connection anytime during open hours.


VGS Online Indexes

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IMPORTANT: We are currently in the process of updating the index to our revised resource collection.
As some titles did not make the move with us to our new location, please check with us
to confirm that the titles you are looking for in this online catalogue are still available.

Visit our VGS Genealogy Learning & Research Centre page for additional information on our resources and services.


VGS Newspaper Events Indexes - Births, Marriages, Deaths, Social Events, and more

NewThis is a volunteer produced index of obituaries, births, marriages, engagements, change of name notices, anniversaries, and other social events, created from a large assortment of newspaper clippings.  A list of types of events and abbreviations is provided.

Entries are included from across Canada, although primarily from the Victoria BC area.  A list of newspapers and their locations is provided.

With over 58,000 entries so far, please check out our new Newspaper Events Index.


VGS Burial and Cemetery Indexes - for Southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, BC, Canada

The goal of these indexes is to to provide genealogy researchers an avenue to search cemeteries located primarily on Southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, BC, Canada - all in one place.  We include a list of 46 cemeteries covered to date.  The associated burial listings contain over 100,000 names!  Search the online burial indexes for the name you are looking for, then visit our Genealogy Learning and Research Centre in person or send us a query for the remainder of the information we have on file for that burial.


VGS Members Surname Interest (MSI) Index

This index contains family surnames being researched by members of the Victoria Genealogical Society (VGS) - helping you connect with others researching the same surnames.  Click on the link above to access the index data.

This index now contains member submissions up to and including 18 May 2016 and now contains 856 records.

VGS Members wanting to submit their surnames to the index can download our VGS MSI Form in PDF or DOC format.  Further instructions are included on page 2 of the form.

Pioneers Index for Greater Victoria - Settlers and Early Residents before 1910.

Biographical clipping from newspapers, magazine articles and notes indexed in binders, covering pioneer families from the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Also available at the VGS Genealogy Learning and Research Centre.

Last updated : August, 2012
It now includes over 5500 unique names found in 793 clippings.


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Book & JOURNAL Indexes

Pioneer Women of Vancouver Island, 1843 - 1866 Surname Index -
A book by N. de Bertrand Lugrin, published 1928, and held at the VGS Learning and Research Centre.  Surnames indexed.

Wild Roses at their Feet Surname Index -
A book by Elizabeth Forbes Published 1971, contains recollections of life in early Victoria.  Surnames indexed.

VGS Journal Index

An index of Victoria Genealogical Society Journals from 1979 to today.  The index is organized by person names, events, article titles, book titles reviewed, and more.


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Some indexes are held at our Genealogy Learning and Research Centre.
If you are unable to visit us, please check out our VGS queries page for assistance.