"Wild Roses At Their Feet"- Pioneer Women of Vancouver Island
book by Elizabeth Forbes - 1971

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Surname Index:

A - Akenhead, Alexander, Allison, Anderson, Andrews, Anthony, Arnould, Ash, Askew, Austin

B - Baird, Bannerman, Barnard, Beech, Ball, Bell, Bevilockway, Bixier, Black, Blair, Boal, Boucheret, Bray, Breeze, Brethour, Brett, Brewster, Briggs, Brooker, Brooks, Brown, Browne, Bryant, Bryce, Buckham, Bull, Bullock-Webster, Bunster, Busby, Butler

C - Calder, Cameron, Campagion, Campbell, Carl, Carmichael, Carthew, Carwithen, Chaworth, Chicken, Clay, Cliffe, Clute, Coles, Colquhoun, Cooke, Cowie,Cox, Crease, Crewe, Cridge, Crosson, Curran, Currie, Curtis

D - Dallas, Darby, Davies, Dawson, de Lotbiniere, DeBou, Demers, deN. Walker, Denny, Derrinberg, Devereaux, Devlin, Dilworth, Dougan, Douglas, Downey, Downs, Drake, Drummond, Duncan, Dundas, Dunsmuir

E - Ebert, Edgell, Elford, Ellis, Estes, Evans

F - Fairburn, Farris, Ferry, Finlayson, Fisher, Fox, Fraser, Fredricton, Friker, Fry, Fulton

G - Galley, Garner, Garrett, Gibbs, Gladholm, Gleeds, Good, Gordon, Gosnell, Gould, Gower, Grant, Grauer, Gray, Grenfell, Gribbell

H - Hackett, Hafer, Hagan, Hallie, Hansen, Harmston, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Hastings, Hatherley, Hawkes, Hay, Haynes, Hayward, Heal, Helgeson, Helmcken, Henderson, Hersley, Hickman Tye, Hicks, Higgins, Hills, Hinchliffe, Hopkins, Huff, Hulbert, Hume

I - Ingram, Innes

J - Jeffree, Jenkins, Jenns, Jensen, Johanson, John, Johnson

K - Katie, Keir

L - Lamont, Langford, Laverocks, Lawson, Layzell, Lazenby, Leeming, Leiser, Leitch, Lemmens, Lenz, Lind, Lomas, Lotbiniere, Lovell, Lund

M - MacDonald, MacDonald (Sir, J.A.), Macfarlane, Mackenzie, MacLachlan, Maclure, Macnamara Macrae, Malpass, Manley, Matson, May, Maynard, McAdam, McCallum, McChesney, McClagan, McCrossan, McDonald, McDowell, McGee, McGowan, McGrath, McGraw, McGregor, McKay, McKinnon, McLean, McLennan, McMillan, McNaughton, McNeill, McPhee, McTucker, Melville, Menagh, Menkus, Merley, Michell, Morley, Mother Mary Bridget, Muir, Munro, Musgrave, Musters

N - Nash, Neaves, Nelson, Nicholas, Norris

O - Old Katie, Oliver

P - Parker, Parnell, Paterson, Paul, Pearce, Pemberton, Pendray, Penrice, Pettibeau, Phillips, Pinkerton, Pitzer, Pollard, Pooley, Pope, Porter, Princess Kate

R - Rath, Redfern, Reece, Reid, Reilly, Richards, Richardson, Robb, Roberts, Robertson, Rogers, Rondeault, Russ, Russell

S - Sadler, Sandover, Sangster, Scott, Sea, Shannon, Shaw, Sheppard, Sheret, Simpson, Sims, Sister, Mary Providence, Skinner, Sloan, Sluggett, Smith, Smithe, Somerville, Spear, Spencer, Spofford, Spratt, St. John, Stark, Steel, Stephenson, Stewart, Stout, Summerfield, Sutton, Swayne, Sylvester

T - Tanner, Taylor, Teague, Thomas, Thomson, Thulin, Tippet, Todd, Tolmie, Tomlinson, Townsend, Tremble, Turgoose, Turnbull, Tye

U - Urquhart

V - Veiderhold, Vickery, Vine

W - Wace, Walker, Wark, Warner, Watson, Watson, Watts, Weeks, Weir, West, Wilcox, Willard, Williams, Willimar, Witty, Woods, Wun-wun-shum, Wynne

Y - Yates, Young


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