"Pioneer Women of Vancouver Island" 1843 - 1866
book by N. de Bertrand Lugrin - 1928

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A - Agnew, Aikman, Airey, Aitken, Alfred, Allard, Anderson, Andover, Angus, Archibald, Atwood, Austin

B - Bailey, Balagny, Barkley, Barnes, Batchelor, Bates, Beattie, Beeton, Begbie, Belasco, Benson, Bentley, Beresford, Birkins, Blinkhorn, Bodichon, Bond, Bone, Booker, Bouchee, Bowden, Bradshaw, Branden, Branks, Brasseur, Bremner, Brew, Broderick, Brodgwater, Brotchie, Brousseau, Brown, Bryden, Buie, Burdett-Coutts, Burr, Burroughs, Burt, Bushby, Butler

C - Caldwell, Calthorpe, Cameron, Campbell, Carmichael, Carne, Carrington, Carroll, Cartier, Castleton, Cecil, Chaplin, Cheeseman, Cheney, Cliff, Coates Tylden, Collins, Connolly, Cooper, Cornwall, Craigie, Craik, Cran, Crease, Cridge, Cridge, Croft, Cromarty, Crowe, Curries

D - Dallas, Davidson, Davie, de Bertrand Lugrin, de Cosmos, Deake, Dean, Dean Hayes, Deans, Demers, Denman, Despard, Devereaux, Dewdney, Dickens, Diggle, Dodds, Doig, Doughty, Douglas, Douglas, Douglas, Drake, Dunne, Dunsmiur, Duval, Dyer

E - Edgerton, Elford, Ella, Ermatingers, Evan

F - Fah, Farr, Farron, Fellows, Fingal Smith, Finlayson, F Finlayson, Fish, Fisher, Fleet, Flewin, Flumerfelt, Forbes Vernon, Fordham, Francis, Franklin, Fraser, Frederick the Great

G - Garesche, Gaudin, Gauthier, Gillihan, Gilmour, Gladstone, Glennie, Golledge, Good, Goodacre, Gordon, Gore, Gould, Graham, Grant, Grautoff, Green, Grey

H - Hamilton, Hammond King, Hannington, Harmston, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Harvey, Haughton, Hayward, Heathorn, Helgesons, Helmcken, Helmcken, Henderson, Herbert, Hibben, Higgins, Hill, Hills, Hiscocks, Holbrook, Holland, Hood, Hopkins, Hosie, Houghton, Huggins, Hunter, Hyde

I - Irving

J - Janion, Jay, Jenns, Jim, Jocelyn, Johnson, Johnston, Johnstone, Jones

K - Kean, Keir, Keith, Kennedy, Kent, King, Kipp

L - L'Hotelier, Ladmers, Lambard, Lane, Langford, Langley, Langworthy, Lascelles, Laumeister, Laundy, le Louis, Leeds, Legace, Leighton, Leiser, Lenz, Lewis, Lidgate, Lindley, Lindsay, Loewen, Lombard, Longfellow, Lowe, Luard

M - Maayo, Macauley, Macdonald, Macdonald, MacKenzie, Mackenzie, Mainwaring, Mallandaine, Malpars Claudet, Manson, Martin, Mason, McCrea, McCurdy, McDonald, McGillivray, McGowan, McGregor, McKay, McLean, McLoughlin, McMicking, McNaughton, McNaughton-Jones, McNeil, McPhaden, McPhail, Meay, Melville, Merilia, Michael, Moffat, Mohun, Moir, Monro, Moody, Moore, Moresby, Morgan, Morris, Moss, Mother Mary Providence, Mouat, Muir, Mulak, Munro, Musgrave, Muster

N - Nation, Naylor, Newsham Peers, Newton, Nicholles

O - O'Reilly, Ogden, Ohia, Ohula, Old Jan, Onderdonk, Outram

P - Palmer, Parker, Parson, Partridge, Paterson, Pattullo, Pearse, Pearson, Peatt, Peatts, Peers, Pemberton, Pemberton,, Pendray, Penrice, Peppin, Percy, Philps, Pidwell, Pike, Planta, Plaskett, Pointer, Pooley, Porter, Powell, Preston, Pringle, Pugh

Q - Quimper, Quinim

R - Raby, Redfern, Reece, Reid, Rhodes, Richardson, Rithet, Ritze, Robb, Robertson, Ross, Russell

S - Sabiston, Sayward, Scaife, Schubert, Scurrah, Sehl, Seymour, Simpson, Sisiwaka, Sister Anne of Jesus, Sister Catherine of Sienna, Sister Lucy, Sister Mary of the Cross, Sister Mary Alphonsus, Sister Mary Angele, Sister Mary Bonsecours, Sister Mary Bridget, Sister Mary Clement, Sister Mary Dolores, Sister Mary Lumena, Sister Mary of the Conception, Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart, Sister Mary Patrick, Sister Mary Praxede, Sister Mary Providence, Sister Mary Romuald, Sister Mary Virginia, Sisters of St. Anne, Skinner, Smith, Smyth, Smythe, Snowdon, Spalding, Sparks, Spencer, Spenser, Spofford,Sproat, Stahlschmidt, Staines, Stanley, Stapleton, Startin, Stevenson, Storey, Surles, Sutro

T - Taylor, Thackeray, Thain, Thomson, Thorne, Tingley, Tod, Tod/Fewton/Mohun, Tolmie, Townsend, Trenchard, Troup, Trutch, Trutch, Tuck, Turner, Tyler

U - Uhthoff, Urguhart

V - Valois, Verineder, Vernon, Verrinder

W - Waddington, Waitt, Walkem, Wall, Warburton, Ward, Waugh/Tod, Weir, Welch, Weston, Westwood, White, Whitman, Whittier, Williams, Wilson, Wollason, Woods, Wooton, Work, Wynton

Y - Yale, Yardley, York, Young


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