Victoria Genealogical Society

Step 1 - SEARCH our Members Surname Interest (MSI) Online Index

The Members Surname Interest (MSI) Index lists the family surnames
being researched by members of the Victoria Genealogical Society (VGS).
If you are researching the same surnames, 
we can help you make a connection.

To view the MEMBERS SURNAME INTEREST INDEX pages online,
click on the following links (listed alphabetically)

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You may also wish to download the complete index in PDF format
VGS Members Surname Interest index file (A-Z)

(These index pages were last updated 18 May 2016 and contain a total of 856 records)

To VGS Members - find out how to add your surname interest information to this index.


Step 2 - SEND QUERIES to VGS Members

To connect with members researching the same family within the locality and period specified, please send your request via email or regular mail, attention to our Webmaster. 

In all queries, be sure to include the Surname as well as the VGS member's name so that your email can be forwarded to the appropriate member(s) for response

Email Queries

You may need to open your email program first, and copy this email address into the "send to" address area.
In your subject line, please state: "Member Surname Interest Query for [please insert  the VGS member's name here]".


Snail Mail Queries

Webmaster - Members Surname Interest
Victoria Genealogical Society
209 - 4475 Viewmont Avenue
Victoria, BC, Canada  V8Z 6L8


For VGS Members Only - SUBMIT NAMES to Surname Index


We want to help you connect with others who are researching the same surnames as you are.  As a service to our members and to all genealogy researchers who access this site, we launched a project in October, 2010 to recreate, enhance and maintain this online Members Surname Interest (MSI) index. 

On December 8, 2010, the old index was totally replaced with new information submitted by members, and continues to be updated as batches of new submissions are received.

We are currently offering two ways for VGS members to submit their surname information for this online index:

Both types of forms include instructions on page 2 - be sure to read them before completing the form.

Thank you for helping us.  We will keep you posted on our progress via our email bulletins.